The design of the Navigation system is matched by the original factory, and the accuracy of GPS positioning is higher than that of mobile phones. Car navigation uses satellite navigation. Compared with mobile phone rails, it has high precision and faster signal reception, making it a good helper for drivers.

The advantages of the in-dash navigation system.

1. Compared with the inside of the car, deliberately leaving that part to the car navigation can still improve a certain taste and strength.

2. The original navigation and positioning are designed according to the actual situation of the vehicle, and the accuracy of GPS positioning is higher than that of mobile phones. The in-car navigation adopts satellite navigation, which is more accurate than mobile phone guides and receives signals faster.

3. Especially in mountains or tunnels, the response speed of car navigation is indeed higher than that of mobile navigation. For example, some tunnels that cross rivers or tunnels across mountains basically have signals for better car navigation, and the signals of mobile phones are basically turned off because mobile phones need more base stations for data transmission.

4. Now, car navigation can basically be used as an MP3 to store songs for media players, a Bluetooth connection, or even better, a direct connection to a dash cam to directly watch the actual driving situation, which is highly compatible with the use of the vehicle.

5. Most importantly, car head units usually have a large screen, adding car navigation can be used as a reversing image, which is a very practical tool

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