1. When will I receive the item after placing the order?

We ship products from London within 24 hours on business days. Generally, it takes 2-5 days business days to deliver after you place the order.

2. Hou much the shipping cost

It is free shipping to the United Kingdom

3. About the Coupon Code

1.Please note every coupon code has a validity time,the coupon code will lose its utility if the coupon code is over the validity time when you purchase.
2.Please note there's no refund of the discount value if you didn't use the coupon code when placing the order.So please carefully check the coupon code on our website homepage and product description page before purchasing.

4. What is 1 DIN, 2 DIN, and half DIN?

DIN refers to a standardized radio/stereo size for vehicles (large enough to accept a CD). 1 DIN is the standard DIN specification. 2 DIN (or double DIN) refers to units that are twice as high as the standard DIN; half DIN is half high as 1 DIN. International standard ISO 7736 defines a standard size for car audio head units. The standard was originally established by the German standards body Deutsches Institut fur Normung, and is therefore commonly referred to as the "DIN car radio size". It was adopted as an international standard in 1984. Head units generally come in either single DIN (1 DIN), which is 50 mm high; or double DIN (2 DIN), which is 100 mm high. Please check the player position height of your car carefully. If 50mm, please choose 1 Din Car DVD Player / Monitor, and if 100mm, please choose 2 Din series..

5. What are the differences between TN, STN and TFT?

TN stands for Twisted Nematics, a particular sort of nematic liquid crystal. STN stands for Super-Twist-Nematic TFT stands for Thin-Film-Transistor or active matrix displays.
Which digital TV standard is applied in my country? DVB-T, ASTC or ISDB?
There are mainly 3 digital TV standards in the world: 1. DVB-T: Mainly apply in Europe, Australia, India, etc. 2. ATSC: Mainly apply in the US, Canada, Mexico, Korea, etc. 3. ISDB: Mainly apply in Japan, Brazil, Peru and some other South American countries.

6. Which Car DVD Player can fit my car?

Most of our multimedia player are Custom car DVD player, which only suitable for certain car model and car year; please kindly provide us the information below first before making any purchase with us. This is because your car player slot may differ due to different region model and year of make. I) Car dashboard picture II) Car Manufacturer Year III) Car CD player Size IV) Factory player power interface / socket cable picture V) Factory player power amplifier, CD changer etc. The more information, the better.

7. What accessories are included in the price? Which other accessories of excharge are needed?

For the functions mentioned in description, the prices already include all the accessories needed to make hosts worked, you can check it on the "What is in the package" or "Accessories".

8.For those Car DVD Players with GPS function, does the GPS function need any other facility to work?

Built-in(internal) GPS does not need any other facilities to make it worked, just insert SD card with map storage and activate it is ok. Those marked "external" ones need to be connected with external small GPS box, which size is about 10*10*2cm, some items already include that in price&package, some don't, please check the descriptions (also need SD card with map storage)..


9. How does a headrest DVD player work?

A headrest DVD player usually consists of a screen integrated into or attached to the headrest, a DVD player unit, and sometimes includes additional features like USB ports or SD card slots. It plays DVDs or other media inserted into the player.

10. Can a headrest DVD player play other media formats besides DVDs?

Yes, many headrest DVD players are equipped to play CDs, MP3s, and may have auxiliary inputs for connecting external devices like smartphones or gaming consoles.

11. What are portable DVD players and how do they differ from headrest DVD players?

Portable DVD players are standalone devices with built-in screens and rechargeable batteries, designed for personal use anywhere. They are not fixed to car headrests and can be used in various settings like homes, hotels, or on flights.

12. What features should I look for when choosing a portable DVD player?

When choosing a portable DVD player, consider screen size, battery life, supported media formats (DVD, Blu-ray, CD), connectivity options (USB, HDMI), and whether it has additional features like built-in speakers, headphone jacks, or remote controls.

13. How to make a payment without a Paypal account?

PayPal is a easier payment method, it is safer and faster, If you have not resistered a PayPal account, you could also pay by Credit Card or Debit, please follow the steps to complete your order.

①. You could find your favorite product, then click "Buy it now"


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②. After click ‘’Buy it now”, it will jump to this page. if you have a coupon code, please fill in the box then click PayPal botton.

payment method

③. If you do not have a PayPal account, you should click pay with Debit or Credit Card.

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④. In this page, you could choose your region and fulfill your card Information, (It can support Visa, Master, Discover, and American Express).
    Then you need to fuifill your billing address and set it as shipping address.
    It is better to leave your email address in case we will contact you in time


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⑤. The bottom of this page, please tick "No, I don't want an account now".
    Then you could click the continue button to finish your order. 

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