I bought the DVD player for my 85-year-old father. He was looking for a simple device with a large screen. That is the case with this player.

1. Screen

  • The screen folds up fairly easily. Due to the battery at the bottom of the device, the screen can also be folded back further without the device tipping backward.
  • The picture is sufficiently sharp.
  • The brightness of the image depends on the vertical viewing angle. If you look at the screen from above, the picture is brighter; if you look at it from below, it's darker. Thus, you can adjust the image brightness by tilting the screen. My father liked that because he could do without the settings menu on the screen.

2. Sound

  • The volume is sufficiently loud. There are 15 levels so that a comfortable volume can be found with every DVD and every music CD.
  • The sound quality is acceptable. Due to the player's design, only small speakers are installed. But you know that from other players and TVs. In this respect, this is not a surprise.
  • Other reviews recommend using headphones or PC boxes. I've tried that too, but the amplifier in the player isn't able to provide good sound. Amplifiers and speakers are therefore qualitatively matched and rank in the lower third.

3. Remote control and buttons on the device:

  • The buttons on the device are sufficient for controlling simple DVDs and music CDs. For DVDs with a menu (multi-channel sound, additional material, chapters,...) you need the remote control to navigate the menu. However, it is limited to a few keys and is suitable for seniors.
  • The infrared receiver is located at the front right on the lower edge of the device.

4. Player setup menu:

  • The advanced setting options of the player (image format, sharpness, color,...) were easy to use and relatively self-explanatory. But you only set them once and then never again. So no problem.
  • The on/off switch is hidden on the side of the device. Shifting only succeeds when my father tilts the device on its side because his fingers are too big.

5. Storage of the last play status:

  • When you stop the playback, the device saves the ident number of the DVD and the point on the DVD that was reached. This information is retained after switching off the device or changing the DVD. If the device is switched on again or the DVD is reinserted, playback continues at the saved position. I don't know how many DVDs are stored.
  • The storage can also be switched off completely in the menu. This then applies to all DVDs.

In general, the player is also recommended.

For more information, please visit the product page: Pumpkin 16-Inch Portable DVD Player

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