I don't really have to go into the packaging! Everything is neatly secured in matching boxes. Accessories are packed in their respective bags.

The installation itself is associated with a bit of effort, but can also be implemented by a layman.

By simply connecting the ISO cables, the single din car radio turns on quickly and is responsive right away.

The flex cable that connects to the IPS touch screen is connected to it through a sturdy and quality connector that allows you to detach and reattach it many times without problems.

Soon I will try to separate the radio and the screen, moving the latter to the top of the dashboard for greater visibility while driving and I will try to reset the steering wheel controls to switch from mini ISO to ISO

Bluetooth pairing is super easy, you simply connect the radio with the corresponding data USB cable (preferably the original supplied) and it is easy to set up without a lot of fuss and clicking around on the radio and mobile phone.

Bluetooth audio works like using a headset or headphones.

The telephone function is as it should be. The radio accesses the phone book of the mobile phone. You can use voice control to dial a contact or a number. Safety first, keep your hands off your cell phone when driving.

The steering wheel remote control (if available) does its job, depending on the buttons available.

The baste feature, however, is the car-play story. It doesn't matter whether it's Android Auto or Apple Carplay, which, however, has only worked with a cable so far.

I use it in Car Play mode and the experience is better than any pre-installed system even in modern cars. The fluidity and precision of the touch are disarming and almost equal to that of a normal tablet.

My conclusion:  As a replacement for the original radio, this is the best alternative. 

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