Presently surprised with Pumpkin Android unit and customer support

I decided to reach out to to clarify a few potential issues before purchasing, they were able to answer all my questions pre-purchase so I decided to give it a go.

I was happily surprised with user interface, functionality and build quality.

Onboard Google maps is great however it requires a wifi connection from my phone which isn't a problem as phone is in a wireless charging cradle.

Spotify works nicely via bluetooth music however I could just download the app if I wanted full functionality.

Canbus interface is great too as when I reverse the steering wheel interacts with the guidelines so now I've ordered a reversng camera, ignition stays on until I remove the key fully and display shows what door is open (when I first fitted the product the doors were opposite but customer support guided me through what settings needed changing).

All in all it has turned out to exceed expectations as too has customer support both before and after purchase.

The only problem I encountered with this was the antenna connection, it is a twin unit with both antenna on the one connection, it was easy for me to disassemble one of these and fit another single adaptor as I had one handy, I let support know about this so if your factory unit has 2 separate antenna connections maybe reach out to see if they have a plug and play remedy available by the time you go to buy.

Learn more about the Pumpkin Android 10 VW Built-in DAB Car Stereo In Dash Sat Nav 8 Inch Touch Screen Head Unit with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM.


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