Pumpkin 7 inch Octa-Core Double Din Android 10 Head Unit

This is the Pumpkin 7" Android Car Interface, a device that you can push straight into your car's head unit, replacing your current car stereo.

Let's check out its specifications:

It comes with Android 10, this is great as you can use Android Auto and any of the latest apps available on Google Play/Marketplace. It is Octa-Core with 4GB of ram. Inbuilt memory is 64GB. It's a touch screen, had adjustable color settings and you can tune in to UK radio stations as well.

As well as its specs, there are a few things that are inbuilt and these features seem to be a mainstay on these devices and this is no different.

Mirror-link you can watch what is on the Pumpkin device on your smartphones, either via wifi or USB mirror. With a USB connection, you can control the Pumpkin but on the wifi connection, you can only watch what it is showing.

GPS is inbuilt, so you can use online maps like iGo, Google, Copilot, etc and it gives voice guidance, this also depends on the application you use for your maps as they all differ a little.

AV Output means you can link to other displays or tablets that you can put on your headrests for the rear passengers, we didn't test this but it's a good feature if you have a family car.

USB/SD storage so you can add your biggest collection of music, movies, audiobooks, extra maps, and much more.

DAB+ radio, as well as FM/AM, you can connect to your favorite digital radio station, like BBC Radio 6 in the UK which is digital-only.

OBD2 means that you don't need a car diagnostic tool, you can solve some errors using this device

WIFI/3G support, as it's an android device means you can connect to a local network or even wifi connections.

Cam-In allows you to link a camera, for the front or rear of your car to help with parking.

There it is, the full 'plug n play' set up that you get when you purchase the device. Make sure you check the size of the available space in your car's head unit/dash area to make sure this fits. With the device, you get instructions on how it all works and fits together.

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