Easy to install and worth to buy Pumpkin radio


Super easy, I have no knowledge, just unplugged my old one and used the adapter supplied, plugged it in and worked fine.

Great radio for the price.It fits perfectly on my vw golf mk5 like my original unit.The stereo is as good as original and fits well in dash.Like best for this goif unit bigger panel.All features at this point appear to Worked great.Stations are perfectly clear.Steering Wheel buttons were easily programed and work without any additional harness or adapter, like Navi,I can update Map via wifi or SD maps.The vw stereo unit include micro SD cards slot for 8G Navi maps and music files (works well so far).

It built- in DAB+ receiver. So you do not need to buy one seperately. You have possibility of split screen so you can have navigation and YouTube in same time. I uploaded video which is showing everything what I could think about for showing others. I hope it helps you to make decision.

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