Is the integrated multifunctional car radio really better than the function extendable one?

Multifunctional car radios are replacing the traditional radio function only car media players, everyone knows more functions equal more fun. Popular functions including Bluetooth, navigation, radio, of course, all become basic functions of a car multimedia player, no need to elaborate how useful and convenient they are as the overwhelming advertisement already done a great job.  

New functions are developed for better accessibility to the smartphone, such as mirror link, few companies have successfully developed their own free version. The Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as the third party driving assistance APP, are gaining more followers every day, some car radios already integrated with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. But there are car head units compatible with the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Here I made a comparison:



Car radios Android Auto and Apple CarPlay







Function Display




Not required



Difficult, need to return the whole unit



That’s the information I found for your reference. (Every choice is not easy to make, some part needs to be sacrificed...)

If you are looking for information about an external Android Auto/ Apple CarPlay dongle, Pumpkin NA7006B may be helpful. Other external device like DAB digital radio box NA7021B is also available.

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