A New Way to Use the Bluetooth of a Car Head Unit

Music streaming is the most widely and frequently used Bluetooth function in the car that installs a multimedia player. Many car radios support Bluetooth hands-free calling and phonebook accessing, which is very handy for driving. There are other unexpected ways to use the Bluetooth music sharing function especially when you are with an enamored companion.

Music really helps tremendously if you take a serious observation, you can definitely ask this friend out again if he/ she sings and even swings with every song in your favorite playlist. Likewise, ask the friend to play her playlist via Bluetooth is a genius idea to find out what type of person is this companion, if she/he likes hip-hop, while you prefer classical music, you may need to pay some attention to other aspects of your lifestyle differences before getting involved in this relationship too deep.

Who else could think to use the Bluetooth function of a car radio in such a romantic way? ^_^

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