Input and Output of DVD Player

Input is something you connect to a device that sends information into it. The output is something that you connect to a device that has information sent to it. 

On the DVD player, when you click ‘PLAY’ on your remote control( Input), it digitizes the input and sends this digital information to the DVD player. The computer inside the DVD player processes this input information and works out what to do. It will start to read the DVD. The video and audio information from the DVD is then sent to the monitor and the speakers( Output).  

Generally, DVD players are all most built-in SD card slot and USB port, they can read the disc, SD card, USB, etc. There are also many outputs on a DVD player, such as RCA jack, HDMI output, and AV output. The universal 3.5 mm jack on the DVD player supports a wide range of mobile devices, multimedia devices, computing, and gaming devices. DVD players also support earphones, speakers, monitors, television, etc.

Built-in USB/SD/MMC card slot, Pumpkin DVD players allow playing all of your downloaded media. They also can output to televisions, monitors, earphones, and other devices.