Nice product at a good price

This Pumpkin Android 10 double din 7 inch touch screen head unit is the best bang for your buck. Installation was quick and easy. If you are looking to add an aftermarket head unit while still maintaining a stock look of the vehicle I highly suggest you get this unit. 

The double din player is nice. Responsive, functional, and looks great. Meet all of my needs pretty much. So I've had this for a few months now and still love it. I downloaded Waze for GPS, Pandora for music, and also have a flash drive in one of the 2 provided USB ports. Tons of stuff you could do, change or upgrade if you know what you're doing, but I use it as is. The sound quality surprised me as it sounds every bit as good as the high-end pioneer unit I removed (due to a dead button on the double din face).

I plan to install amplification anyway, but most buyers will have no issues with the sound or the power of the unit. I typically play it at 1/3rd volume and I okay my music pretty loud.