Honest Review and Quality tested with Pumpkin head unit

Ordered this item due to budget reasons and curiosity with the ability to use CarPlay with an IOS device. That was the main reason for the purchase because to get a product like this 10” screen and the CarPlay feature is unheard of. CarPlay does work wirelessly and this car stereo system is quite easy to install. I was very surprised at how well this is made including the responsiveness of the screen. I would definitely recommend this unit!!

This device has so many more capabilities (apps) and programs than your typical multimedia device for a car. On top of that, you can still add more apps. Good value for the money. I have not yet figured out all the capabilities but learning through the facebook group of owners. Had couple of issues and questions during the installation since installation instructions that came with the device weren’t very helpful. However, there are plenty of resources on line (YouTube and Facebook) where you can get all questions and issues resolved. The customer service is very responsive, tries to be helpful, and obvious they want you to be happy with your purchase.