The device offers a lot for the price level.

It can be easily and practically attached to the car seat and easily removed again at any time without screws etc. and can thus also serve as a travel screen / DVD player for the holiday home, mobile home, or similar.

The picture quality is of course not that of a high-quality new Smart TV, but it is fundamentally solid and more than sufficient for travel purposes.

The sound through the integrated speakers is not too quiet, the headphones are easy to use.

The TV has an HDMI input, which also enables game consoles or the like to be connected. This worked flawlessly in the test. A Gamecube with HDMI mod was connected and could also be used with a 60 heart display. It is also good that DVDs can be changed while driving.

The mechanism for opening the flap for inserting the DVD is mechanical, which can be seen both positively and negatively, so nothing technical can be defective here.

In any case, a relatively inexpensive solution to make long journeys easier for children and to be equipped (DVD player, screen for game console, etc.) so far, we are very satisfied and pleasantly surprised with the device.

Further information can be found on the product page: 10.1 inch HD dual headrest DVD player with 2 headphones