Pretty wild Android head unit

It's a neat little unit, with a few quirks, it has insanely fast boot time, I wish the contrast was a. It better and slightly glares. I am going to try and put a piece of anti-glare film on it to see if that helps.

I would like a widget to turn on the backup camera without being in reverse. I have the following working:

1) GPS with voice assist using Google maps works well.

2) Google browser with voice assist works   well.

3) Hot spot using iPhone working well. (I can download, I can mirror, I can browse with Chrome+Google.)

4) FM/AM works well.

5) OBDII working via BT using the Torque app.

6) TMPS working via USB.

7) Both reverse and park signals are working turning on the backup camera.

I'm still getting to know the product and might update later as I get more experience with this Pumpkin Android 10 Car Stereo 7" Double Din Universal type( PX6, 4+64G).

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