How to install a headrest DVD player in a car?

Nowadays, families are spending more and more time in their cars than ever before, which means children are getting more bored and restless in the car. So sometimes they just need something to keep their attention on trips.

A great solution to keep your passengers occupied is a headrest DVD Player. This way, everyone can enjoy their favorite movies or TV shows, significantly reducing travel time. Fortunately, installing DVD players for car headrests is easier than you imagine.

In this article, we'll take a look at installing headrest monitors and show you everything you need to know. Read on to learn all the facts.

The headrest:
To install this DVD player in your car, you must first remove the headrest. This is because the power cables and connectors must pass through the holes in which the headrest is mounted on the seat.
Then remove the cover far enough from the bottom of the seat that you can fish out the wires that you passed through the holes at the top.
Currently, most players can be solved directly with the mounting bracket without removing the headrest.
Hiding the power cables:
Typically, the cables are connected to the main unit under the dashboard. However, you can also feed them to a separate power supply if you prefer.
In order not to make the wires visible, we recommend to run them under the carpet. Otherwise, it looks sticky. Also, it is quite likely that exposed wires will eventually get caught on a person's foot and be pulled out.
The use of a DVD headrest is also ideal for the IPTV service.
Connect the sound:
Now you need to connect your DVD player to the stereo in your vehicle. This is not necessary for all DVD players, but it definitely offers the highest sound quality.
Note that when connecting the wires to existing stereo cables, you need to strip the ends to connect them together. Be careful when doing this. We also recommend soldering the splice if possible.
Install the DVD player:
This is actually the easiest step in the process. Once the wiring is complete, you will need to slide your new headrest into place. Be careful when installing the headrest posts. If the wires are kinked, this can prevent proper power supply and affect the sound quality.
So take it slowly. Once the headrest is secure, connect the power cord.

Clear up your mess:
The final step is to look for exposed wires. Tie them up with tape and hide them out of sight. Make sure everything is safe so that nothing comes loose and affects performance.

To install a headrest DVD player:
Installing a DVD player with a headrest is not rocket science. All you need is a little patience. There are many great headrest DVD players on the market that are suitable for all budgets. There are even clip-on models if you want to keep them as your original headrest.

DVD players are a simple and convenient way to keep everyone happy during long hours on the street. So choose your favorite action film or animated classic and get ready to enjoy the ride!

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