When it was time to purchase video devices to keep your kids entertained in the back seat, After reading many reviews, Naviskauto appeared to be the best and most versatile. You will not disappointed at all with this purchase. If you hate reviews that are posted without a rigorous trial, then this review is for you. I waited 60 actual use days to see if this is worth getting for our other vehicles. Conclusion: absolutely. Here are the pros and cons for those wanting to know more.

Dual DVD Players: Two devices can operate synchronously (play from one device to both devices). Love this so kids can watch the same or different movies at the same time, Children will be very satisfied with the movies they watch, and there will be no conflicts.

Connecting: The screens connect together with a standard AV/RCA cord, nothing proprietary. Easily replaceable if broken. We have so many in our collection from other devices we’ll never have to buy a new one.

Audio output: Standard 3.5mm headphone jack runs headphones or to the car where I just run the kid’s rear speakers. The built-in speakers also serve their purpose, though minimally.

Picture quality: As can be seen by the accompanying pictures, the screen quality is great for the price. The kids don’t complain compared to our 4K home units and at this price, you won’t find 4K if it even exists.

Power: The devices are powered in three ways: 12v cigarette lighter, 120v AC cord (for our electric/hybrid cars or if you don’t have an AC plug or lighter, use an inverter which is cheap), and rechargeable batteries. We have had zero issues with the batteries and have exceeded the 5-hour charge time. It’s so great to just be able to leave the car and the kids can continue watching while walking to the store or doctor’s office, in the building, while waiting, and back to the car. No more running amuck! What a blessing!

Control: It’s easy to load videos and the playing quality is spot on without any skipping that we’ve noticed. Just pull the screen forward and slid in the disk. Menus are quite simple and intuitive and can be controlled manually or with remote control.

Installation: one of the best features is you can use the traditional strap across the headrest, which bothers my wife, or use the under the headrest attachment. Both are shown in the photos. Under the headrest does not rattle and bounce as we thought it would.

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