I recently purchased this tech gadget for my two kids to keep them entertained during upcoming road trips. Despite their 9-year age difference, I liked the feature that allows them to watch separate movies with individual earphones. Although we haven't used it on a trip yet, I conducted a test and everything worked perfectly. The product came with all the advertised accessories, and both the picture and sound quality are clear.

However, one aspect that caught me off guard was that the DVD players do not have batteries and must be constantly plugged in to function. This was my oversight as I must have mistaken this detail when placing the order. Upon revisiting the product description and reviews, I noticed that other customers mentioned receiving wall chargers from the company. I reached out to the company and explained the situation, and they were kind enough to offer me a choice between two wall chargers or a carrying case. Opting for the carrying case, I appreciated their willingness to work with me despite my mistake. My kids and I are eagerly looking forward to using these DVD players in the near future.

In our case, we have two toddlers who tend to get restless during long trips. We purchased this tech gadget specifically to stream their favorite Paw Patrol movies, and it has been a great success. Our kids absolutely love it, and they even ask to go for car rides just so they can watch the movies.

The sound quality is good, but I have encountered a minor challenge when trying to stream different movies using only one remote control. I haven't figured out a solution yet, and I'm unsure if purchasing an extra remote control would resolve this issue. Nonetheless, so far, this purchase has proven to be a worthwhile investment.

It has been approximately 8 months since we bought these DVD players, and they have served us well. However, the cord that connects them to the car has stopped working, rendering them unusable in my vehicle. I tried replacing the cords, but unfortunately, the replacements didn't work with these devices. Additionally, the mount on one of the players has broken on one side, though it still manages to stay attached to the headrest using the remaining side. Despite these issues, the picture and sound quality remain excellent, and my kids thoroughly enjoy watching movies during longer rides.

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