Summer is here! If you go to the beach or a vacation, a car radio is a must for your trip. With a head unit, you will never get lost and it can entertain the boring driving. What’s more, an Android head unit supports install the apps whatever you want, like the media players/streaming apps (Pandora, Google Play Music, etc). Android car stereo also supports phone mirroring, so you can control your phone on the car stereo. Your driving will no longer boring and tired anymore.

Pumpkin head unit is doing an extra 5% discount of all orders for the summer sale.

Pumpkin head units covers from Android head units to WinCE head units, 7 inch to 10 inches, single Din to Double Din. The universal fitting type infotainment still plays a major part, but other stereos for Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat series, Opel, Ford, BMW, and Benz are all included.

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