Pumpkin AA0492B for my BMW 320i radio replacement

bmw 320i radio replacement

I have installed the Pumpkin Navi with Android 9.0 in my BMW 320i Touring for about a month. I'm very satisfied!
Of course, it's more expensive in the upper segment, but everything really fits. It always starts up in a maximum of 3-4 seconds and offers all the amenities that Android 9.0 offers. The internal memory is spacious and it has two slots to expand the memory with a micro SD card. The pre-installed apps for radio, navigation system, telephony etc. do their job as they should. The hands-free system also works perfectly. I attached the microphone to the sun visor at the top left, where it is almost invisible due to the black headlining.

The sound quality inspires. My car only has the standard boxes and had previously installed the BMW Business CD radio. With the Pumpkin radio, the sound almost comes close to the harman-kardon system in terms of clarity and power. Fascinating how much you can get from the standard boxes. The look is another plus, and 99% of people are unlikely to notice that it's a retrofit solution.

Two small criticisms: During the installation, a " twist adapter " is required for the radio antenna, because the radio is too long for the slot. These are cheap in the accessories. And unfortunately, apart from Google Maps, no navigation app is preinstalled and no maps are included. So when driving, always make sure that you have Internet (e.g. via hotspot from your mobile phone) or download the maps beforehand in the WLAN. The Google Maps navigation is of course good as usual.

All in all an ingenious device that transports a car built in 2001 into the technical present with one stroke. One should also bear in mind that the corresponding features in a new car sometimes cost ten times the price called here!

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Can you please help
I Need help to get my sat nav working.
Any guidens or can I buy a Micro SD card pre configured from you.

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