Test car radio: Pumpkin AA0495B

I had the radio installed in a Fiat Ducato BJ 2016. At this point it should be noted that the installation was not possible without minor manual intervention.

If I had informed myself sufficiently in advance, I would have been aware of this. Various adapters can be found on the Internet to make installation easier. I.e. special metal frames and panels. But these also have to be slightly adjusted (ground) after my research.

The radio itself makes a valuable impression. After the first activation, all services available offline worked perfectly. In my case, this means: rear-view camera, Bluetooth, pairing with the cell phone, radio, hands-free system. Offline navigation is not pre-installed here at the factory.

In order to exploit the actual added value of this radio, it is first necessary to register with the Google Play Store. Unfortunately there was the first problem here. After I connected to a WLAN, I was unable to log in to the Playstore. The message " Data is being checked " appeared and then it did not continue.

The reason for this was - after a short research - an outdated version of the playstore. Don't worry, the problem will be fixed quickly. You simply download the latest APK of the Playstore for Android 9.0 onto an SD card (or alternatively into the internal memory of your mobile phone and connection via USB) and then install the updated application.

After that I was able to log in to the Playstore without any problems and install all kinds of apps. Offline navigation, internet radio, Youtube, speed detector, Netflix ... what you need. The operation is very smooth. Nothing jerky or has hung up so far.

In my opinion, a clear buy recommendation.

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