Bought the Opel radio AA0714B for an Opel Zafira B 2008.

Installation is child's play and there are more cables and utensils to remove the old and install the new radio than you need for the basic installation. installation time thanks to the plug & play adapter (included) 15 minutes. The radio works, the car still starts and the top display on the Zafira itself still shows everything as usual (contrary to other claims).

The user interface is a matter of taste, it is easy to move and download apps like on your smartphone.

The radio works excellently and the microphone on the radio itself is absolutely good for telephony via Bluetooth and navigation. all steering wheel functions for the radio work perfectly and for normal radio listening. I'm absolutely satisfied! the recognition of an i-phone via BT also works and the built-in microphones for the hands-free system are completely sufficient for me, I don't think you have to install the additional microphone separately.

The navigation system has Google Maps or TomToms, I am from the Navi totally enthusiastic the music is switched to the background when the voice output takes place. the menu navigation is almost self-explanatory, so I'm really excited.

I have not yet connected the reversing camera, but it is switched directly on the radio by engaging the reverse gear. I would definitely recommend it. Top device and a great price for what it can do.