Affordable infotainment system - Android 11 Head Unit

Honestly, for the price, it's a great head unit that will do it all, but you do get what you pay for so the price point is the reason for my 5-star rating.

This is a sleek and easy-to-install unit. As long as you have the basic tools for electronics you will be able to install easy. Great GPS also helped me on a 3-hour trip today.

But what is most important about any product is the service you get after. Pumpkin was very quick to resolve a few slight problems I had. Their employee Chloe, whom I worked with, was very polite, and prompt and took care of my problems. I was very very surprised with how well the interaction went. So what I am saying is, If you on the fence about this unit, buy with confidence, because if you were to have a problem you will have great support to assist you. Would recommend the product and the company. A++ in my book. Well done.