If you've browsed to a portable DVD player on your phone, you're probably wondering why I even need one. After all, most of us have a smartphone, tablet or laptop that streams movies and TV shows on the go. However, for a dedicated device designed for watching movies and with a larger screen, a portable DVD player has its advantages.

That's where the NAVISKAUTO 16 Inch Rotating Screen Portable DVD Player with 5000 mAh Battery and Carrying Case comes in. This device is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants a big, high-quality screen for watching movies on the go.

First let's look at its screen. At 16 inches, it's much larger than most smartphone and tablet screens (typically up to 10 inches or so). This makes it easier to see what happened in the movie and appreciate the details in the picture. Plus, the screen is rotatable so you can adjust it for the perfect viewing angle.

But a big screen isn't useless if the battery life isn't long enough, which is why the 5000 mAh battery in the NAVISKAUTO Portable DVD Player is so impressive. The battery lasts for up to 5 hours of playback, which is more than enough for most movies. Plus, the device comes with a car charger and an AC adapter, so you can charge it no matter where you are.

Another great feature of this portable DVD player is the included carrying bag. Designed to keep your device safe and protected while you're on the go, this bag also has pockets for DVDs and other accessories. Whether you're traveling by car, plane or train, you can easily take the device with you wherever you go.

Finally, it should be noted that NAVISKAUTO is a sub-brand of pumpkin, which is a highly respected brand in the automotive electronics industry. This means you can trust that the device is well made and of high quality.

In summary, if you love watching movies and TV shows on the go, then the NAVISKAUTO 16 Inch 5000 mAh Battery Rotating Screen Portable DVD Player with Carrying Case is the perfect device for you. Its large, high-quality screen, long battery life, and included carrying case make it a great choice for anyone looking to watch movies on the go.

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