Upgraded good unit for 2002 Ford Ranger

I installed this 7 inches double din Android 10 unit into a 2002 Ford Ranger. You will have to modify the radio bezel since they are already on the small side, and I did have to shave down the bezel on the head unit itself to make it fit. Not a problem with the head unit itself just a requirement for this application.

As for the head unit itself, I'm very pleased. It is very snappy, apps load almost instantly. Start up is very quick from a cold boot. I upgraded from a unit that was still running Android 4.4 which was showing its age and had some hardware problems. Its a night and day difference.

Haven't really run into any issues so far other than the pairing of the RCA outputs on the back. Typical radios pair them by left and right, while this unit has them paired front and back. Also outputs some digital sounds every once in awhile while there is no music being played.

Overall a good unit and a very worthwhile upgrade.

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