Are you in search of a new touchscreen car stereo to replace your original one?

You may have noticed that many car radios come in 1 DIN and 2 DIN sizes, terms mentioned in the title. What exactly are 1 DIN and 2 DIN? What are the differences?

What does "DIN" mean?

In the context of car audio systems, DIN refers to the dimensions of the top unit of audio and video devices for vehicles. DIN stands for Deutches Institut Fur Normung, which is responsible for setting industry standards for automotive head units worldwide.


The Differences Between Pumpkin 10.1 inch 1 DIN and 2 DIN

In a standard car radio, the form factor must be rectangular. A single DIN unit is relatively small, while a double DIN car radio (such as a pumpkin car radio) is twice as tall as a DIN unit.

Dimensions of 1 DIN car radio: 178 x 50 mm (7 x 2 inches)

Dimensions of 2 DIN car radio: 178 x 100 mm (7 x 4 inches)

In essence, it's the height that makes the difference.

1 DIN and 2 DIN

Tips for Upgrading a Single DIN Vehicle

If you have a 1 DIN vehicle, you'll need to measure the front panel of your original car radio precisely to ensure that the new radio fits. Typically, a DIN unit is cheaper due to its size and limited features, but some newly developed single DIN car radios come with large touchscreens and all the features that a double DIN car radio would have, such as the Pumpkin AA0717B.

Tips for Upgrading a Double DIN Vehicle

If the height of your current car radio is more than 10 cm, it's better to choose a double DIN Pumpkin AA0716B. If you still insist on buying a single DIN car radio, you'll need an additional frame or something else to fill the remaining ceiling area to prevent the device from coming loose. Double DIN car radios are currently gaining more market share due to their larger and diverse screen options and additional expandable features, making Android-based operating systems the most welcomed car radios.

Speaking of car radio features, the most basic ones include radio, Bluetooth, and navigation. Features like a backup camera, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and DAB+ radio are also becoming essential for safety and entertainment reasons.

To meet different functional requirements and give each car radio its unique features that drivers can customize, AutoPumpkin separates basic functions from expandable ones into various accessories. This is also a smart approach to prevent a malfunctioning part from affecting the entire unit's operation.

Would you like to get more information? Check out Pumpkin 1 DIN car radios and Pumpkin 2 DIN car radios.

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