Install the Pumpkin AA0452H on my Opel Vectra C GTS 05

After a long time I finally decided to buy the radio.
I drive an Opel Vectra C GTS 05.
The old standard radio did its job but the radio reception was sometimes really bad, even using a Bluetooth transmitter to listen to music via Spotify was a real pain after some time, depending on the region where you were traveling, the reception was so bad that I just turned the radio off because a constant noise is just a pain.
The radio came pretty quickly, even a day earlier than Amazon had originally planned. Then I went straight to expanding the old radio. First remove the 4 Torx screws with a T8 screwdriver so that I could remove the radio from the radio slot with the supplied pull-out brackets, then carefully removed all cables and loosely screwed the frame from the old radio with a T20 screwdriver to remove it.
Then I plugged the specially ordered antenna adapter into the radio, screwed the wifi antenna and glued it inside the car and then the same thing again with the GPS antenna. Then I connected all other cables and inserted the radio.
Then I pushed a 32GB SD card into the slot for the GPS card and a 128GB SD card into the SD slot.
Then I started the engine and the radio went on.
The first start took a little time because everything had to be loaded first. The two memory cards were recognized directly and I had to assign which card should do what.
After setting up, I switched off the engine and the radio went off on its own. After restarting the engine, it started again and was ready to start very quickly.
I park about 10m away from my house, nevertheless I have a very good WiFi signal to my home network. The connection via Bluetooth with my Galaxy Note 10 works very well and all by itself.
The radio quality is a difference like day and night, so highly recommended.
The quality over Bluetooth tested with me with Spotify, again a whole lot better.
Navigation via the Google Maps app on the radio works super well and without any problems.
I had to relearn the steering wheel buttons but that was half as wild and you have a lot of different options that you can put on the buttons, which I really like.
On the whole, I am very happy to have chosen radio. So now I have a super car radio with a lot of functions that really work.
I highly recommend it.

 Opel Vectra C radio replacement

Pumpkin AA0452H

opel radio android 9.0

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