How to choose a portable DVD player of long battery life?

In life, everyone should be very familiar with DVD player! However, for many friends who like to travel or travel frequently, they often want to watch wonderful movies while traveling, so as to eliminate the loneliness on the road. Since digital players can make high-quality music ubiquitous, why can't high-quality images? Portable DVD players have come into being.

How to choose a DVD player of long battery life that meets your need and budget has become a concern for everyone.

The distinctive feature of Made-in-China is that the battery standby time is incredible. Among many Chinese Brands, Naviskauto is outstanding.

Usually we watch movie during vehicle trips or holidays, we don't keep watchig for a long period of time without any break. It is enough that a portable DVD player can work for up to 5 hours. Better if it supports both car charger and living room charger.

To put it simply, a portable DVD player is actually a miniaturized DVD player, combined with an LCD display, equipped with audio equipment, powered by a DC battery, small in size, and very convenient to carry around electronic product. It would be excellent if the battery life is long while the product size keeps small.

This is a set of Portable DVD Player. They can work independently and also simutaneously. Puting them in a headrest bracket, they can be used as Car DVD Player. Both of them have a 2500mAh rechargeable battery and you can enjoy music and movie for more than 5 hours. When in a car, you can also use a car charger or AC adaptor to charge it. 

The AV output allows you to connect the player to a TV so that you can watch your favorite movies and videos on a bigger screen. Moreover, you can use an AV to AV cable so that the same movie can be played on different players at the same time.



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