Happy with the Android 10 upgrade

I'm very happy with this purchase. I'm coming from an old Android 6.0 unit and it started to be very slow and the screen was a bit unresponsive. This one is way faster, sound quality is very good with a stock equalizer which is slightly better than the previous model, this one allows me to select the loudness level. Although the wiring has an ISO connector (no car uses this in Europe), the wiring is not standard and I had to re-wire everything to the own car's wiring, meaning that apparently those units don't have an universal wiring and it might vary among manufacturers. I saw comments about the dimensions and I have to say that it's a real double DIN size and it fits perfectly on my Yaris. Indeed the mounting is universal and I didn't have any issue with this, dimensions are perfect. I'll try to upload a pic if I have the chance. I like this model because of the volume wheel which is very solid and smooth. If you are like me changing the volume all the time, this is a must :P. I had no issues with the wheel keys and the mapping is very easy. The screen is very responsive but I noticed that it has some glare and during a sunny day you can't see very well from the seat angle due to the reflection and this is my biggest disappointment. Another con I found was that the mic wire (it comes with an external mic too) was a bit short in my opinion but I managed to pass it. It doesn't come with the rear camera when other units provide it, so you need to buy it externally to enjoy this feature. It's a good unit with a smooth and snappy response (I'm actually surprised with the speed improvement from my previous unit). Unit wakes up quite fast and you don't have to wait long to start playing music (I use Spotify). Also the bluetooth works perfectly and I could pair and OBD device to be used with Torque with no issue (I had issues with my previous unit). Overall I'm very pleased with this upgrade. Furthermore, you can find third party developing like customized ROMs, etc. easily since this is a widely known chipset (PX6) with some time on the market already.

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