Fantastic upgrade to stock radio

I installed this Pumpkin Android 10 single din car stereo on my 1999 Chevrolet Blazer and I'm surprised how easy it was. The touch screen is good, fairly responsive and stable mounted. Easy to set up and assemble.

It boots up super fast and I can rotate the screen and I can detach the screen so I don’t have to worry about theft to my 1999 blazer and I just put another one in my 2014 Caravan makes it look like a newer model.

The stereo is very sleek and stylish. We had no issues with installation and noticed a big difference in sound from the stock stereo. We've downloaded navigation apps, Spotify, and a few others to customize usage. We even played a video through Google Movies while using our cell phone as a Hotspot.

The customer service is #1! They are very responsive to all my questions.

If you're looking to upgrade your factory radio, check this unit out. You'll love it!

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