Customer Review on Portable Music CD Player with on-ear Headphones (BQ0254B)

I needed a compact CD player with speakers for a specific purpose - playing a classical CD's at night when I retire. Due to limited space, I needed something small so I took a chance on this item. Overall I am pleased with my purchase.

OK it not professional equipment by any means but the speakers give more than adequate sound quality.

Size is important - not much larger than a portable CD "pancake" player

Also, I listen to audiobooks on CDs while driving and chose this because my new car has no CD player and I don't like using my phone for audiobooks. Unlike most portable CD players, this one has its own speakers, so if I want to finish listening to an audiobook when I'm not in my car, I can. The USB power works fine, and the aux jack works with my car's audio speakers.

Overall once I mastered the operation of the unit it plays well - don't lose those operation instructions!!. Looks and feels like a well-made machine but time will tell.

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