I ordered the radio AA0701B because it made the best impression of what I'm looking for because of the Android 11 system, and the built-in Dab+

The delivery is so fast, All the materials needed for assembly were included in the box, as described. This made the installation easy, but you should also order the appropriate adapter depending on the vehicle. (I also ordered a suitable 2 DIN mounting frame for our Ducato.)
The small frame from the radio does not fit into a 2din installation frame, but can be made to fit relatively easily if you have some skill.

The Android 11 software runs smoothly and is easy to understand, just like on a smartphone.

Reverse Camera, I only had to lay an additional cable to get a reversing signal to the radio so that the camera, which was already installed, starts automatically when reverse gear is engaged, which works really well. But that is not a requirement that the device provides. After the installation, of course, I tested the functions first. The display is very bright and rich in contrast.

FM radio reception is shockingly good. I didn't even know how many stations I could receive here after all the "noise". The DAB+ reception disappointed me a bit at the beginning, only received something when I touched the radio housing. So a big problem. Read the instructions again and then made the magnet of the DAB antenna bare metal under the roof lining. Tataaa!... 29 channels that can be received crystal clear. Anyone who can read has a clear advantage.

For navigation, I bought and installed Sygic. Works perfectly until you turn on the radio. The announcement was so quiet that one could no longer understand it. After trying for a long time I found the solution. If you exchange the Tts voice for the standard voice "Doris" it works perfectly. The radio program in the background is interrupted and you get crystal-clear announcements. So it wasn't the radio but the navigation program.

Hands-free is also very good. I installed the supplied microphone in the vehicle's intended position in the interior lighting. The cable is long enough.

My expectations were exceeded and I recommend Pumpkin Audio

View more Details: https://www.autopumpkin.co.uk/collections/android-11-head-unit

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