In the modern era of technology, keeping children entertained on long journeys is essential. The BR1013B headrest DVD player with its 10.1-inch dual screens has attracted the attention of many families. But how do customers rate this popular product? Let's take a closer look at their reviews and experiences to better understand its pros and cons.

Sound Quality: A Common Concern

A common point in the reviews is the issue of sound quality. Customers report that the internal speakers are often too quiet to provide a satisfactory sound experience. However, one clever customer mentioned that the addition of external speakers can significantly improve the sound quality. They purchased an inexpensive speaker set and connected it to the DVD player, which transformed the movie watching experience for their family.

The dilemma of children's headphones

For parents with young children, using headphones can be challenging. Many customers found the included headphones too large for their children's heads, causing inconvenience and frustration. Therefore, they could not ensure a calm and peaceful journey for everyone.

Durability Issues: Lessons from Experience

Some customers reported durability issues with the BR1013B. One customer mentioned that a DVD player stopped working just a few months after purchase and attributed this to his three-year-old child's curiosity. However, they continued to use the other device without having any further problems. Additionally, some customers discovered that the mounting brackets broke shortly after purchase, but were able to obtain replacement brackets from customer service, which resolved the issue.

Limited compatibility with replacement power cables

Another issue raised by customers is limited compatibility with replacement power cords. Some customers noted that the included power cables stopped working after about 8 months, and unfortunately the replacement cables they purchased could not be used with the BR1013B. This resulted in their devices becoming unusable in the vehicle.

Excellent customer service

On the positive side, many customers praised the company's customer service. Some received replacement parts for faulty components such as damaged mounting brackets and were satisfied with the company's responsiveness. In one case, a customer reported that the company not only provided spare parts, but also made efforts to ensure that the delivery was successful, which left them satisfied with the product purchased.

Still excellent picture and sound quality

Despite the challenges, most customers agreed that the BR1013B Headrest DVD Player's picture and sound quality is excellent. They stated that children love watching movies on it during long trips, which creates a peaceful and calming atmosphere for the trip. The clear images and sound make up for some of the device's shortcomings.

The reviews for the BR1013B Headrest DVD Player are mixed as some customers faced issues related to sound quality, durability, and power cable compatibility. However, many customers are satisfied with the picture and sound quality, which makes their families' trips more enjoyable. Additionally, the company's responsive customer service has left many customers with a positive impression and demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction. Despite potential flaws, the BR1013B remains a popular choice for families looking for entertainment on long road trips.


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