There are more than 200 different Android car stereos available in the market. GPS and car stereo have the same meanings, but there are many differences between them. Android 10 cars have been on the market for a long time but recently Android 11 cars have appeared, and they are very popular.

Autopumpkin is a well-known brand to produces car stereos. Many of its car radios are very popular in the market, such as the Android 11 car radio. They have modern Android 11 head Unit with an interesting and innovative design, which attracts many customers. This brand is well known for the high quality of its products and services, so the Android 11 car stereo is a good choice for you.

Why do Most People prefer the Android car stereo to the wince car stereo?

1. Android Head Unit has a phone call. This function is essential for those who do not know how to operate the car stereo. It can play many types of music and other sounds, such as conversations and songs.

2. Android car stereo supports multiple languages, such as English and German, French

3. Android car stereo has a better user manual which is important for new users of the 2nd generation Android car stereos.

4. Android car stereo has multiple features and functions, such as Bluetooth, GPS, 3D map views and a rearview camera.

5. The Android car stereo has a GPS navigation system that can be used as a free navigation service. It also supports Bluetooth connection, Toyota/ Lexus music control, Home Link and hands-free calls. The big selling point of this car stereo is its driver support system for the blind which makes driving easier for the visually impaired or elderly.

6. Android car radio has the important function of setting the automatic switches, that is, adjusting the temperature, music switch on and off. They are more convenient for drivers.


Android car stereos are well-known for their high quality and reliability. Most of them are designed to fit a variety of cars and they can be easily installed in any car. If you want to select a top-ranked Android 11 car stereo, you can choose one made by, which is the most famous brand in this field today.
Autopumpkin android car radios have WiFi, so they can be connected to the Internet without being stopped at checkpoints and safely connect to the phone without being interrupted, which has a significant role in maintaining safety.

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