How to choose a CD player that suits you?

The abbreviation CD in the CD player means "Compact Disk". The first CD player was sold in 1982. There are different types of CD players. Which one is right for you depends on how you want to use the product.

A basic distinction is made between single CD players, CD players in compact systems, and portable CD players. There are also CD players specially designed for children. A good CD player plays various audio formats. In addition to the normal audio CDs, there are also self-burnt and rewritable CDs and the MP3 format.

In general, there are three different types of CD players, which mainly differ in terms of equipment, design, and use:


  • A CD player for connection to a stereo system
  • CD player permanently integrated in compact systems
  • Portable CD player
  • We would be happy to advise you on the right CD player for your application.


What are the advantages of a CD player compared to an MP3 player?

A CD player is particularly suitable for music lovers who value good sound quality and want something tangible in their hands.

An MP3 player can play music in MP3 format. With this format, digitally stored audio files are compressed in such a way that the amount of data can be significantly reduced, which can have a significant influence on the quality.

It can, therefore, be explained that about 350 minutes of music adapt to an MP3 CD, but more if the quality is lower. For comparison: only 74 minutes of music fit on a normal audio CD.

But what is the advantage of a CD player? On the one hand, the CD player can often play MP3 formats, while the MP3 player cannot play CDs. More importantly, data compression can result in a loss of sound quality. The music on the audio CD is exactly what the producer asked for.

In addition, many music lovers still keep the CDs they have collected over the years on their shelves. They not only attract attention in the living room but are also a form of data storage. On the other hand, MP3 files are often stored on a computer, USB stick, or external hard drive, which can no longer be used if damaged or lost.

Many people, especially those who are arbitrary, prefer to hold something in their hands. In addition to the beautiful cover, an audio CD also contains a playlist booklet, letters, reference information, and pictures.