Best Bang For Buck

I ordered this head unit to replace the stock unit in my 2016 FRS. This head unit is leaps better than the touch screen unit from factory.
I spent a long time comparing android units to determine which one was best for me. As having a newer car, I wanted to make sure that I would be able to retain every function on my car.
The front glass panel looks very clean, similar to what you'd find in factory cars. Performance is quick (4GB Rom/64GB Ram) .
With the proper adapters, I was able to get my OEM USB, OEM Backup Camera and OEM Subwoofer working. As for the mounting, this head unit isn't your conventional head unit that has a deep back. The backing on this head unit is shallow. For my dash trim, I took the L brackets given and mounted them to my original brackets using wing nuts and bolts, allowing me to adjust how far in and out from the dash the head unit was.

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