review android car radio for vw

Good Android radio with small weaknesses           -------Marius

I had already installed a Pumpkin Radio in a VW Golf 5 (BJ 2006) in 2015, so it should be a VW Polo 6R 1.2 TSI (BJ2014)
become a Pumpkin again. As usual, Pumpkin sent a complete package, including the important CanBus Adapters and covers, so you do not have to buy anything. Installation as usual easy and uncomplicated. First the old radio out, CanBus plug to the VW Quad-Lock plug, the radio, finished. GPS / WLAN / reverse camera connect and radio in the Press shaft. That this is very tight and the cables are partially in the way, Pumpkin can not do anything.
The radio works very well, radio reception is great, GPS and Wi-Fi.
Unfortunately, the Android app "TomTom GO" does not work, which is a little annoying as the extra was purchased. Apparently it isthese are not compatible with the CPU / SoC on the radio. It can be installed, it does not recognize when initializing Internet connection. Lt. Support this is the current state. Perhaps there will be an update in the future, with which the app then but it works. The internal memory is really big with 32 GB, the need for a separate SD card is eliminated. Indeed the internal memory is not really fast, which is in contrast to the QuadCore CPU and the 2 GB RAM. One must have some patience when installing / updating apps.
Otherwise, a really good GPS, now reads even brake condition, wiper water level, tank capacity in liters and
Kilometers as well as temperature from the CANBus, even the turning angle of the steering wheel for the rear view camera
The support is usually good and v.a. solution-oriented. So I got the cost for TomTom refunded as Amazon credit,
which at least caused me no financial damage. Therefore, I can give the device a clear conscience 4 out of 5 starsgive! :-)

review android car radio for vw

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