People like Pumpkin Android 5.1 Car Stereo pretty much.However some customers who is not familiar with car customization may ask what's the cable for.So today we'll tell the wiring definition of Pumpkin Car Radios' power cable.

The power cables are mostly divided into two kinds: Universal power cable which is known as ISO cable and specific power cable which is designed for sepcific cars.

Let's come to ISO cables firstly.

Following the photo above,the A side will be connected to Pumpkin head unit,the B side will be connected to your car's plug which used to connect to your original car radio.

The Yellow cable ,should be connected to the positive end of your car's battery,is called memory cable.If the Pumpkin car radio you have can not restore information such as radio channel,then you may need to check the connection of this yellow cable.The Red cable which is called ACC cable.This cable should be connected to the ACC end of your car key.The black cable is called ground wire which should be connected to the negative end of car battery.

The white and the white+black cables control the front-left car speaker,the white one to the positive end and the white+black one to the negative end;the grey cable and the grey+black cable respectively connect to positive end and negative end of front-right car speaker;the green cable and the green+black cable connect to the positive end and negative end of rear-left car speaker;the purple cable and the purple+black cable connect to rear-right car speaker.These 8 cables cannot be connected in wrong place or ground,otherwise there will be no sound and may burn the head unit.

The cable which is labled as "Reverse-in" controls the backing up signal,if connected to the positive end of the reversing light or backup camera of the car,when you're reversing,the car dvd will automatically turn to reversing menu.

The cable labled as "ANT" supply power to the radio Antenna or the radio amplifier.The cable labled as "AMP-CON" controls the car's original amplifier.If this cable is wrongly connected,there will be no sound.

These cables labled as "KEY1" "KEY2" controls the car's steering wheel control which is also called SWC.You need to connect two or one of these cables to SWC cable of your car's steering wheel.However this can only works on the car which has no CANBUS system.

Next is the cable labled as "BRAKE-IN",which controls the braking,you just need to connect it to the negative end of your car or any metal part of your car.After connecting this cable,then you will be not able to watch any videos when driving.Actually we have built-in option of stop playing videos when driving in Pumpkin auto dvd player,if you turn on this option,then there's no need to connect this "Brake-in" cable.

Now we comes to the specific power cable designed for specific cars.

These power cables can be devided into with and without CANBUS decoder.The follwoing is the one with CANBUS decoder.

A side connects to Pumpkin autoradio dvd gps,B side connects to your car's plug,C part is the CANBUS decoder we're talking about.This CANBUS decoder controls the SWC,Turning-on/off of the head unit,parking sensor,car on-board computer and so on.Let's say it will decode and transport signal to reverse cable  when the car's reversing,then the head unit can show the reversing image.

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