Pumpkin 7 Inch Head Unit Android 4.4 Kitkat Plug And Player Car Stereo For BMW E46 Series1 Din DVD Player Radio Audio GPS Navigation System With 3G/Wifi/ODB2/Can-Bus/1080P

I had never heard of this unit before and found it on a random search through PUMPKIN, I figured for the price it was worth a shot since they Dynavin is still a good bit more expensive... I am very impressed by it!

Installation was silly easy, I got it done in a couple of hours and that was because I wanted to hide the wires for the GPS antenna and blutooth microphone, if you're less picky than me you could get it done in a half hour.

The buttons and knobs are very well built, the finish is slightly more glossy than the stock business radio of the E46, though I suspect part of that is due to aging of the stock materials. The screen is bright and clear and the touch screen is very responsive, the colors and sharpness are great.

I was worried that the audio quality would be worse than the stock CD player, but it's definitely not when using equal mediums (CD's, iPod, radio, etc.), but when streaming blutooth it's not the best, most people probably wouldn't notice the difference (my friends didn't), but if you're like me and like clear audio you'll want to stick to CD's, SD cards or an iPod.

The included apps are pretty good, I love the navigation which displays the speed limit of the road you're on as well as warning you if you're speeding, it can also display any nearby gas stations, hotels and many other things and lets you choose which ones you can see or not see. My only gripe with the pre-installed music player is that there is no shuffle button, that seems like a huge oversight, otherwise it works well and the equalizer presets are pretty good, as is the custom mapping option that it gives you.

The unit comes with a .apk installer app so that you can install any app from the Google Play store from an SD card, or anywhere else you could find a .apk app. It also has the Google Play Store app installed on it so if you use your phone as a mobile hotspot for the on-board wifi or use a 3G data card in your unit you can download apps directly from the store.

The only gripes I have with it are minor, I'll list them in a "cons" list below.

-Fully Android based, apps, store, etc.
-Built in iGo Navigation is very good, hasn't gotten me lost yet
-Sound quality is as good or better than stock (my car has the Harmon Karndon option)
-Interface is very customize-able and easy to use
-Installation is effortless
-Knobs and buttons are well built and look very similar to stock, most people would be none-the-wiser if you told them it was stock

-iGo Navigation will tell you that the GPS signal is lost anytime you switch to another app or the home screen even though it's not (annoying, but not an issue since it never really loses your signal)
-Screen reflects a bit more light than I would prefer
-DVD/CD player takes a little bit of time to load
-Start up time is about 30-40 seconds, which sounds short, but when you're used to the instant start up of the stock CD player/radio it's a bit annoying
-Built in music player has no shuffle button, not a huge deal since you can download one of the hundreds of other music players on the Google Play store

All in all I'm very happy with this unit and would highly recommend it to anyone. It's made the interior of my E46 feel much more updated and new. In fact, my girlfriend just bought a new Ford with the "My Ford Touch" option and she agrees that the nav screen in my E46 is better ;)