The New Radios (+) 12 Volt Battery Or Memory Wire Is Connected Wrong

This problem is easy to create, and easy to fix. All new modern digital replacement radios will have a wire specifically labeled to be connected to a (+) 12 Volt Battery or Memory wire inside the vehicle. All modern vehicles should have this wire included with the automakers radio wires. The automaker includes this wire which always has voltage on it when the vehicle is off so that the automakers radio can keep the station presets and/or clock memory in the radio.

Most new replacement radios use a “YELLOW” wire as the (+) 12 Volt Battery or Memory wires, while some might use “ORANGE”. This wire needs to be connected to the wire in the radios wire harness that has voltage on it while the vehicle is off.

How To Check Which Wire Has (+) 12 Volts On It With The Vehicle Off

Turn the vehicle off.
Make sure the headlights and parking lights are off.

1)Set the multimeter to DC Voltage ( a voltage test light can be used as well )

2)Plug the ‘RED’ lead into the Voltage plug on the multimeter

3)Plug the ‘BLACK’ lead into the Common or Ground plug on the multimeter

4)Connect the ‘BLACK’ lead to shiny metal in the vehicles dash, or the key slot at the ignition switch

5)Connect the ‘RED’ lead to each wire until the multimeter reads 10-14 volts.

This is the vehicles (+) 12 Volt Battery or Memory wire. Connect your new radios Battery or Memory wire to this wire.