6.95 Inch Pure Android 4.4 Kitkat Stereo Head Unit Pumpkin 2 Din Universal Car DVD GPS Navigation With LCD HD Capacitive Touch Screen / 3G / WIFI / Bluetooth / OBD2 / Free Mic

"Installed on:

2010 Chevrolet 1500 Z71 4x4

This is a very neat, feature packed head unit.

Build quality is so so, honestly, but it's so well thought out and functional I can't recommend it enough.

Built in amplifier. (You'll probably want an additional hardware one, though this one works fine.)

Audio quality is pretty solid. (Ground loop shenanigans willing.)

Back up AND dash cam support. (Backup camera is of reasonable quality. It's good enough for what you need.)

TWO SD card slots(Format as Fat32 for 128gb cards. With e.g "Tokiwa Fat32Formatter Majorgeeks" search for that string to find the proper utility on a safe site.)

Full Bluetooth support.(Connect to phone for 4G LTE access, music streaming.)

Screen is a bit dim, the colours washed out, but visibility isn't an issue honestly. It's good enough for what it is, just don't expect a current model Samsung display panel on it. ;)

Boot time is a bit slow, as Android tends to be, but the way this functions is the MCU will switch the reverse display on before the Android portion of the unit finishes booting. So you can get in your car, crank it, hit reverse and it'll immediately give you backup camera functionality without waiting the final thirty seconds on the Android system to finish loading. (I set the time to actually power down the unit to 10 minutes, so it stays on for a little bit after removing the key and opening the door, THEN shuts down if I'm not back to put the key in and restart the vehicle before then.)

Radio scanning is a bit awkward, the included software for the tuner is just eyeroll terrible. I've yet to find an adequate replacement for that, but you can install anything from the Google Play Store on it. I recommend PowerAmp, MX Player and obviously, Google Maps over the built in GPS software.

I HIGHLY suggest reading further about the Android head units on XDA-Developers and updating the firmware for this.

It does support steering wheel controls, apparently out of the box, but I've yet to connect mine, the wiring is a bit esoteric as is."

By Pirate_Joke