I'm more than satisfied with this stereo (KD-C0532). Also, the customer service is awesome!


The CANbus box was not working properly at first (the signal of ignition and reverse camera were not detected), so I contacted the AutoPumpkin to fix the problem. They sent me a new one immediately and paid the customs fee. I must say this is the best customer service that I've met!

Now to the car stereo: The installation was very easy since it's a plug&play stereo. There are 2 adapters, one is connected to itself, the other one is connected to the signals via CANbus, such as ignition, reverse camera, handbrake,etc. Then there are plenty of other connectivity options. I installed a rear view camera, and it immediately turns on when reversing the car.
The steering wheel control and radio functions are important for me, glad they both work well. However, the voice control no longer works. :(
Also, I bought a 3G dongle from AutoPumpkin and I'm more than satisfied. Just plug it into the stereo and you can access the Internet, awesome. DVD works great, too. I can operate it smoothly with the supplied remote control.
About the GPS navigation system, it covers not only Germany, Australia and Switzerland, but the entire EU. The operation is very easy and the GPS signal is strong. You can set the speed alarms, route, etc. Also, the stereo will get the fuel consumption and then calculate how much petrol/diesel is needed for this route. Besides, it'll display the carbon dioxide emissions as well.
I've got to say that this is one of the best car stereos I've ever had at such incredibly good price. Rarely have so good  customer service experience as AutoPumpkin!!!