As we all knows,the WinCE Car Stereo is much more stable than the Android Car Radio.It barely has system issues.However life is nature.Accidents always happens.Possibility exists that you need to restore the WinCE system.Besides,people may need to update WinCE system.Then people shoul know how to restore or update the WinCE.

How to restore or update the WinCE Car Radio?

First you need to ask your customer service for the system file.Usually it will be in a zip file.You just need to unzipe it on computer.

Second,you need an empty SD card.You can format your SD card or change to a new SD card.When formationg,please notice that the format has to be FAT32,or the radio is not able to read it.

Then copy all the files to the empty SD card.Please do NOT set up a new folder or change the name of the files.After copying,insert the SD card to the GPS slot and reboot the radio by long pressing the RST slot.Then the unit will automatically enter into the updating mode.

Please notice that DO NOT power off the radio when restoring or updating,or it may damage the radio.

Here's a video you can refer to: