After buying a VW Scirocco with a fairly basic touch-screen radio, i wanted to upgrade it with an android one. I like how the design looks like an original VW radio when the Pumpkin car radio turned off. Its easy to take out the old radio. The included plugs in the box connect to the android car stereo easy enough, however i did have to file some bits of plastic off the side of the radio antenna cable ends because they wouldn't fit in my Scirocco dual-antenna connectors until i did that (not a big deal though).The touch-screen works well. I can connect it easily to WiFi using my Three mobile phone (android) as a mobile-hotspot. I think it might be nice if this radio had an actual SMA?-plug to connect any wifi antenna to instead of just a short piece of wire, because it might help wifi-range if someone is in a car park of an area with free wifi. Just a thought.

I briefly watched a gaming stream on "" using an app, and resolution looks decent.

I think my Scirocco seems to power-off the radio after 10 minutes if i sit with car engine off and "car key in position-1" while i was playing with the radio. So it might be worth people adding in a switch to "override" the radio-cutoff if they want to use it without engine running. (i plan to do this).

I haven't used this vw android car dvd gps double din much yet, but i like it, and it seems a reasonable price.

I remember back in about 2003 when there were a few radios with tiny screens that cost as much as this radio and they didn't have anywhere near as much features as this radio. Technology has come a long way in the past decade!

--by Maf

Initially I was a little reluctant to part with this amount of money but it was the best purchase I've made for a car to date.
The Pumpkin Car Stereo does everything superbly, linked to a mobile phone it will support Google play music and other similar streaming apps.
The integration with the optional car recording camera is perfect (also starts automatically) and adds piece of mind when driving.
The reverse camera does the job and the CANBUS link even deals with the predicted reverse path.
Sound quality is good but can be transformed with a simple app.

Also, special mention to their customer services, second to none despite the time difference and will answer any question.

--by Phil

Auto accessories that can work with this unit:Headrest monitor,Backup camera,3G dongle,DAB+ box,OBD dongle.