Fits great in my 10 reg Ford S-Max . In short I'm very pleased with this new Pumpkin Ford android dvd gps stereo - superb value for money when you consider how much you'd pay at a Ford dealer for an equivalent system. It even looks good when installed - the fit looks bang on. I'm a happy chappy!

Let me kick off by saying I have no prior experience of working on cars. I can top up fluids, check tyre pressures, fill up with fuel, but that's about it! If you're wondering whether or not you can do this then, in my experience, you probably can. Just be extra careful and it's definitely worth investing in a cheap set of plastic pry tools to help remove the trim around the stereo without scratching anything. Also watch some videos on YouTube and you'll see it's not as painful as you might fear. That said if you're really unsure just get a pro to do it. TBH I will probably pay someone to install the reversing camera for me but I have done the stereo and GPS antenna myself. Incidentally I have heard that Ford dealers will remove old stereos for free but, frankly, I'll believe it when I see it - it's worth asking though.

My personal recommendation is to change the sat nav app to something that allows you to install offline maps. Google Maps will allow a limited range but other apps will allow you to store the whole of the UK, for example. Personally I like "Navmii" which can be obtained for free with ads, but the princely sum of £1.49 will remove adverts.

Tips for new users:
1. From what I've read, if you're unsure whether to use the lead with or without the CAN-BUS lead then go with it. You don't have to use it.
2. If you've got the Ford 6000 CD unit then look up how to remove the big connector properly. It's called a "quadlock" - essentially you lift an arm up before you can unplug it, but there's lot of info on the internet about it. It was quite stiff on mine as it clearly hadn't been moved since installation but there is a trick to it. Just don't break it!
3. To change the sat nav program that the "NAVI" button launches go to Settings > GPS > GPS application settings.
4. To change the "Navigation" link on the home screen just long-press on it and choose another app.
5. Use the pre-installed app called "Amplifier" to adjust the fade and balance of speakers.
6. I had a few problems connecting to home wifi but using my phone as a hotspot worked fine. The wifi antenna is rather tiny! When at home it does connect to the wifi now but it's still a bit patchy.
7. The GPS antenna did foul on the stereo mounting cage, meaning the stereo wouldn't sit flush when pushed in. Fortunately that part of the cage is plastic so I simply cut a piece out.
8. Make sure you change the locale after you install it. I can't remember exactly what I did but somewhere in Settings it was set to China which meant the clock wasn't right.

--by M.Rawson

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