My car: Audi A3 Sportback year initial registration 04/2012 Audi radio concert 3 (concert 2Plus)

Disassembly of the concert 3 is very simple.The supplied cable Plug and carefully pull out the car radio. Then pull the antenna cables and the complete black harness Quadlock plug (see Figure 3).To move the black lever upwards and remove the entire block. Thus, the concert 3 is expanded radio.

Pumpkin Moniceiver is also quickly and easily made. Initially, the two screws must be removed from the DVD drive. For the main connection, two different wire harnesses in the scope of delivery are included. Once the ISO connectors and with the Quadlock plug.In my case it's necessary to set the cable with the Quadlock connectors, also the CANbus box was already connected to this cable.

The handling is self-explanatory. Even I as iOS users get along with Android easily. So if you have questions, they're all simple questions. In the PlayStore I pulled directly NAVIGON, because I think it's better as Navi, especially since the cards are all local, and the navigation system can be used offline.On the front micro SD card I have music and I use the USB Sockets then for USB sticks with movies. Otherwise, the radio otherwise behaves like a tablet of the apps here. Whether Bluetooth or Wi-Fi everything works.

The steering control will still work. My iPhone phone book was read and left on the steering wheel is selected as with the concert 3 also. This has remained unchanged. Especially since the buttons can also be programmed, because I didn't come on but still. I look at it on occasion.

The red button illumination is the on the way when light on. Actually getting the tag have light LEDs, it remains red keypad backlighting on the radio.

FIS wird nicht unterstützt.

The processing of the radio is good. The size fits it like a glove (as if it was as delivered from the factory). This thumbs up!

Conclusion: A car radio with features of a Smartphones or tablets! Android makes it possible! Very horny!I would definitly buy it again!

--by AL

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