I choose this Pumpkin Android 5.1 Car GPS Stereo as I though that I would be able to configure it how I liked, I have not been disappointed.

Although it has perfectly acceptable GPS and music apps I have installed Copilot as I had it on my phone and it works perfectly and it includes full postcode whereas the installed app has only partial postcodes. The music app is nice but doesn't appear to allow random play so I installed MixZing and it works great. It plays DVDs of any region so keep a few handy for when you are stuck on the M2. It seems to connect to anything, I downloaded the additional apps via the built in wifi but could also have done it through the "hotspot" on my phone. Of course you can play the music on your phone via bluetooth.

Only a few years ago you would pay over £1k for a pop up gps. It is truly amazing.

--by Baudwalk

* The audio quality is better than I expected. I can't make out any noise or interference that you'd expect from cheap audio components. The equaliser allows you to adjust the levels to your taste very easily. This isn't audiophile quality sound, but quite honestly I don't think that your Fiat Punto is the best environment in which to seek high fidelity anyway, on account of engine and air ventilation noises.

* Responsive touch screen. The processor has enough grunt and the screen is sensitive enough so that you don't have to keep jabbing at it before it responds.

* Reasonably zippy. It's got quad cores and so should be theoretically zippy. I've noticed that launching the SatNav app whilst playing music causes stuttering playback. This is more likely to be due to reading off the SD cards than the processors not coping. Perhaps both SD cards share an interrupt, meaning you can't read from them both simultaneously?

* Good GPS. The antenna seems to pick up all those satellites quickly and well. This iteration of the product doesn't come with the trial GPS app like previous models did, so you'll have to select and download your own. Navfree and OsmAnd are reasonable freeware choices.

* Versatility. It's Android and includes the Google Play store, so you can stick your preferred apps on it readily enough.

* Support. I haven't had to use it, but I went for the Pumpkin-branded version of this android car stereo rather than from one of the other sellers because, after checking out their website, it's obvious that you'll get decent support from them if something goes awry.

* Cheap enough. The cost is significantly less than getting a branded unit with SatNav.

--by Will

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