I was looking for a new replacement android car dvd for my CD30MP3,in partivular I wanted the in-car navigation and more function on music,such as YouTube and Spotify.My car is Opel Corsa D 2012 Facelift.


After finally a new version Pumpkin Android 5.1 device has been released,I got slammed.The delivery is fast,packaging is good and solid,the operating instruction and note with support contact information are also included.


Installation is really self explanatory,in addition the guidance tips are also available.


The only confuse is that how I should put all he cables together,and the radio also protrudes a few millimeters,so I have to do some work on the plastic strip behind the radio.I have also attached the GPS antenna and the 3G stick above the golve compartment.


Processing of the radio is very good, no dust behind the screen, solid workmanship, good pressure points, super gap.I have tested all the functions, everything works fine.Only I have to get used to the equalizer settings of  default MediaPlayers,VLC Player from the sore works and beautifully.Spotify works great, with Wi-Fi and the 3G stick (must be ordered separately).

GPS position data shows immediately, the radio runs smoothly without hitch, until now no hanger or similar issue.


Rear view camera (must be ordered separately) to work immediately, radio boot about 10 seconds, but not annoying.


Also the steering wheel remote control and the display work top in combination with the radio.


--by Dom

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