Auto Pumpkin has released many Android 5.1 head units recently.And many customer have installed them in their cars already.Let's check out what our customers say about our android 5.1 car stereos.

Today let's check out android 5.1 car gps radio for Ford Focus,Mondeo,S-max,Galaxy--RQ0546 first.

Installed in Ford Focus RS Mk2:


What customers say:

Excellent product & arrived very fast. Fitting was straight forward & took an afternoon, though most of this was removing & replacing glovebox, trim etc for mic lead & gps aerial. Everything fitted fine & quality is good. I'm having trouble getting the steering wheel controls working. I have a Mk2 2009 Focus & have wired 3 control wires to steering wheel loom as per manual & tried to set up in settings but no joy ad yet. Pumpkin are excellent though so I'm expecting reply after asking them for advice. I would also advise an extension lead for the mic, as its a bit on the short side, unlike the GPS aerial lead, which is long enough to fit on the car behind you. The manual is comprehensive, but translation in a few parts is a tad off. But still most helpful. I did quite a bit of research before buying this unit because I wanted to upgrade later to DAB radio and this unit fits that criteria. Also can tether wifi from my iphone without the need for a 3g Dongle. I also have the option of fitting a rear camera, at a later date. All in all, I'm very happy with the unit & Pumpkin, as dealers.

---by Steve McDonough

My first impressions after I just got this product fitted to my car.

1. It fits perfectly to my Ford Focus 2010.

2. It CANNOT work without the key in the ignition (but no engine work is required)

3. Quality is more on the good side.

4. All Android applications seems to work (Play Store, YouTube, Music, Netflix, Maps)

5. Wi-Fi receiver is not the best. In spite of I'm in the car with my cell phone which I'm using to tether the connection the multimedia not always receives it.

6. Sound quality is good.

7. The buttons for volume up/down on the steering wheel no long works.

8. Boot time isn't bad, although it takes 10-15 seconds. It has an option to control how much time to stay on "stand by" after turning off the engine. It varies from 30 seconds to 2 hours.

---by Marush Denchev

Very impressed with the unit. I fitted it myself in a couple of hours (was quoted £375 from a local auto audio dealer to fit it so be warned).

It's transformed my car entirely. I connect it via WiFi to my mobile and listen to Google Music via a stream. Bluetooth dialling works well. The radio app works well and is pleasant on the eye. Sat nav works well - I've downloaded Waze and use that instead of Google Maps. The ability to change the back light colours to any colour in the spectrum is great and I've opted for the colour cycling option which cycles through ROYGBIV. Quite bling but my choice. I also bought the optional DBA tuner and hid it behind the glove box. Works great and also looks good. Bought the rear parking camera but had no time to fit this yet so can't comment on it. Only scratched the surface of what this can do. Saved me buying a new car. So, in summary, totally in love with it and really easy to fit. Fits perfect in my Mark 2.5 Focus. And £250. Bargain!

---by Grazman

Auto accessories that can work with this unit: Headrest monitor,Backup camera,3G dongle,DAB+ box,OBD dongle.

Silver color Android 5.1 Car Radio for Ford Focus

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