Excellent Value For Money and back up if needed is brilliant.

Bought this android head unit ( http://goo.gl/C5IzU0)a couple of weeks. Everything about it is superb considering the outlay. This double din car radio arrived exactly as was promised and was well packaged. If you need any advise regarding the functionality of this pumpkin autoradio, the seller (Pumpkin) are spot on for coming back too you with any information you request. I can highly recommend this android 5.1 double din car stereo. Bare in mind there is a time difference for Pumpkin to get back to you. Get out and buy one, you wont be disappointed.

-- by George

Great head unit

I hesitated for while before buying this pumpkin car head unit, but glad I did. Took about an hour to install after watching some how-to guides. For the price, it's a bargain. Does everything and more i want it to do. Sat Nav is great, as Is DAB radio with external DAB+ box. Have plugged in my Internet dongle and get email, "OK Google",YouTube .....you name it. Basically an Android computer in my car. Sound quality good, though probably not as finessed as dedicated units, but much better than my stock unit. Again, for the price I cannot fault it. Branded units doing the same thing are three times the price.

--by Edward Kirkwood

Great value.

I currently have this entire unit laid out on a bench test as I wanted to ensure a thorough testing before putting it in my car. What a great unit for the price! If you are familiar with android, then you'll be at home as this. Whilst it's mildly sluggish with some games due to not having a top-end GPU (e.g. when Hearthstone has a lot of effects going on), that it can actually play Hearthstone and plenty of other games acceptably is a heap of praise. It's handling Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and a bunch more fine. I've already ditched the built-in Sat-Nav (sorry iGO) as Android has good free options available. Some games from the play store don't work right, but to be perfectly honest, you'll have that experience using any android device.

--by Stoofer

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