Having pondered over which head unit to buy to replace the stock unit on my VW Eos, this android 5.1 car gps  stood out as I wanted android 5.1 car radio for vw that had a large screen but still retained the control dials which are easier and safer to use than attempting to change radio channels or adjust volume whilst driving.

You will need a trim removal tool or a stiff plastic ruler to lever out the trim surrounding your old unit, it's then a question of undoing the 4 torque screws. Once old unit is removed, you may want to keep it as the ECU on your car is still coded for it, to sell it on you will need this code, I will put the stock unit back in if I sell my car.

The trim then attaches back, this android head unit once installed looks like it was factory installed and looks very shiny and modern, remember the glare you will get from this will be horrendous, an antiglare screen protector may be the way to go, as I have a convertible, this would be an issue with any stereo and is not specific to this autradio.

You get all the wiring harnesses with it, you get one with canbus and one without, although my car doesn't have steering wheel controls, by using the wiring loom with canbus adaptor I can get the speed, rpm, fuel level etc, many apps out there which will take advantage of this wealth of information the modern car generates.

The wiring harness is plug and play, the radio antenna has a twin fakra plug as well as a single blue wire, the twin fakra go into the wiring of the car's antenna, the bullet end into the head unit, you will need to attach the single blue wire on the antenna to the blue wire labelled ANT on the wiring loom with canbus adaptor, this boosts the fm/am signal as most VW cars use a diversity system to power the internal antenna, the VW units have some clever electronics in them to boost the radio signal, aftermarket units need additional power to the antenna to compensate, without connecting these 2 blue wires you will get no AM and very poor FM, once connected, it's as good as the original.

I have routed the 2 usb cables into the glovebox where I can add a usb stick and leave my phone to charge.

The micro sd ports are useful, however a USB port would have been better here, but this is just my preference

I have used USB debugging to sync my phone to the unit, also used hotspot to use my phones data when I am out and about, however can't see using the unit for internet when I have my phone with me.

I didn't get any maps pre-loaded so connected up wifi and downloaded HERE maps, which you can use offline, many other sat nav apps available, you can then configure the hard Nav button to open up your map program of choice.

Phone links up fine, haven't linked up the external mic yet as i'm waiting for a reversing camera to arrive, once that comes I will link them both up, the wiring for the reversing camera seems fairly straightforward, i'm not using the pumpkin reverse camera, but a unit that replaces the number plate light, for a better flush fit.

The door opening status page shows the wrong door opening, by going into settings and inputting the code 126, you can change this, it's under rudder.

Still playing around with the system, but for the price it is excellent, highly customisable, and being android, there are loads of apps to download

DVD player is multi-regional, plays cd's, mp3 cd's, vcd's etc, the memory sticks you use have to be formatted using FAT32, organise your folders well and download some good music players, and or mx player and if like me you spend loads of time waiting for the kids to finish off their activities, you can catch up with some viewing in your car, very impressed.